Gift buying guide

Guide to buying a pashmina

Tearing your hair out?

Pashminas make a great gift but are you worried about buying the right pashmina? Read on to find out how to buy the perfect gift.


Colour is usually the most important aspect when considering a pashmina. Does the person you have in mind, a favourite colour? Can you subtly find this out if you don’t already know?

If you’re not sure about colour then you can think along the lines of dark colours, light colours, bright colours and neutral colours.

Dark Colours Light Colours
UK Pashmina Dark Colours

Ideal for autumn and winter, colours like Midnight Blue, Dark Grey and Black are always appreciated. Dark colours are also perfect for both formal and informal outfits.

UK Pashmina Light Colours

All year round favourites include Silver Grey, Pale Pink, Sky Blue and Baby Blue. Perfect to contrast with darker outfits and looks stunning with smart jeans.

Bright Colours Neutral Colours
UK Pashmina Gifts Bright Colours

Does your gift recipient love bright, vivacious colours? Then think about Purple, Pink, Red, Turquoise and Raspberry.

UK Pashmina Gifts Neutral Colours

The safe option as these colours will match so many outfits. Think about Silver Grey and Ivory.


We offer three different materials, at 3 price points. Maybe your budget will dictate what material to choose.

Fine Wool and Silk 50% Cashmere 50% Silk 70% Cashmere 30% Silk

The ideal choice for a value-for-money gift that looks and feels great. Available in a wide variety of colours, these wool and silk pashminas make great gifts.

Cashmere is slightly softer and finer than wool. Our 50/50 blend offers genuine grade A cashmere at a great price. Silky smooth and light yet warm. Have a look!

More cashmere in this blend means an even softer pashmina. The ideal luxury gift.  We have some really outstanding offers on slightly imperfect cashmere pashminas.

Gift Wrapping

We offer a gift wrapping service with a personal message. Perfect if you want your gift delivered directly to your recipient.

Gifts that are being delivered directly to the recipient will not include any pricing information. Your receipt will be emailed to you as part of your order confirmation email.


We offer delivery direct to the recipient’s address.